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Gerald Mims Bio 2021

Gerald LC Mims is one of those rare talents who’s book of musical ideas is not limited by genre!

Recognized among his peers as, a master songwriter, an inspired arranger, and a vocal performance instructor par excellent( who can show you a hundred ways to sing your own songs!)  The late Reverend Maurice Bowens of Christ Universal Temple of Chicago once said of Jerry Mims, “There is something pure, elemental, and universal in scope here!”  

Jerry Mims, called  Mr.G, by his students, is Karamu Alumni, (Karamu theater is the oldest Black Theater in the country, whose Alumni includes such luminaries as, Langston Hughes, Lorraine Hansberry, Zora Neale Hurston, Bill Cobbs, and actors, Robert Guillaume, and Ron O’Neal, the original Superfly! He also trained at New York’s prestigious, Amas Repertory theater, and trained in summer programs at Duke Ellington school of the Arts! 
And although the late actor and Cleveland native Ruby Dee never trod the boards at Karamu, she and her husband Ossie Davis supported it with special performances and master classes!
And there always comes a time when the student becomes the teacher!

Jerry Mims has put in time as: Head staff writer for the O’jays, Sounds of Cleveland recording co., Head staff writer for Time Traxx records, Staff vocal instructor for Solar Records, a stint at Death row records as Staff vocal instructor! A soloist for Della Reese’s Up Choir! And is the writer and owner of the bonified national one hit wonder: “Gentle, calling your name!”

“I haven’t run across anything like you since Heatwave, and they wrote the no.1 love song of all time! Always and Forever, you have that magic!”Rick Frost, a beloved musician and highly regarded publicist, once said in a letter to GLC Mims!

“Man, Jerry Mims is a genius, Yeah, they been sleepin’ Mims a long time!”Rick Mceachern a former record promoter for the major labels say’s he overheard once at a radio station!

“If I had half the skills you have I’d be a zillionaire!”Carl Slaughter CEO of Reel Records said in a letter to GLC Mims!

And what does Jerry Mims say of all this?

“I paint with sound, and I love to paint, I express myself through melody! Quincy Jones said melody is the voice of God, I love listening for that voice!

But why have you never marketed yourself, we asked?

“That’s for others to do if they chose to, this is how I look at the paintings I write:

You know how when a child makes something, or paints something, and say’s “Ooh, mommy look!! “The child is not saying, “Oh, the cleverness of me, now give me something, as Peter Pan might say! “The child is saying, “I got some enjoyment from this, and there’s enough for you too!”That’s what I’m saying.”I’ve never sought fans, I send my songs out into the world to make their own friends!”
Jerry Mims’s songs have been number one, and in the top ten, on Reverbnation, in the Songwriter/ Singer category, for at least fifteen years! Reverbnation is a site where musicians go to see whose got what!

 We think there are many more friends in his future… 

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