Here at U.R.T we want to work with Artists that are serious about their music career. Our job is to create you A plan for your music releases,  single song or full project campaign.
The team will be working for you and as you know teamwork makes the dream work, we have everything you need all in one company.

Professional Studio Session, Photography, Graphic Design, Video & Film crew, song placement,Artist Development, Live Shows, Project Management and more.

We also teach you how to collect all of your streaming royalties from 4 different sources that the major labels use; this is how you get paid.
The main part of your grind to success is the correct marketing plan, without the marketing no matter how much money you have your songs will fail. With our company having real industry connections and professionals we can guarantee you that we can get you to the level that you are looking to reach.

First Steps to start on your path to success 

Submit your best song & all of your social media pages back to this Note: Submission Fee $25.00 for our A&R Department To Consider you for consultation.
Artists with a following already, streaming numbers up, will not be charged consultation fee. This is because we already see where you have invested in yourself and we will help those who have with our company budget.
Artists without following or streaming numbers will be charged $150.00 to have consultation so that we can show you the steps you need to take in order for us to help you and reach the success that you want.

Success! You're on the list.