Smoke One Official Release Date 08.27.21

Smoke One is a remake of Bootsy Collins – The King of Funk- 1976 release “I’d Rather Be With You.”

Smoke one is more than a single to me, it’s my life style put into a record. I watched my family do music for years in gospel, looked up to my grandad and how he made the crowd move when he played guitar. I play 5 different instruments drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, piano and violin self taught. I can’t read music so I play what I feel, I love old school songs from James Brown and Bootsy Collins along with Prince and Undre 3000, so I’m incorporating my musical talent along with the music I make giving you something to remember. I hope you all enjoy my new single smoke one thank you.

Available on all platforms @king808god, @levinnga, @urtmangement.

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