Luhcoopfn Bio 2021

Dovontay Whitfield professionally known as Luh Coop FN was born and raised in Waynesboro, GA

What  inspired me to start doing music is really other rappers like Lil Baby ,Slimelife Shawty, etc. They all talk about there life and my lifestyle is like that so all I know is to rap about it.

I have only been rapping for 4 to 5 months now. The things I want to accomplish in the music industry is just to make people feel me and make my Mom proud.

My producer is the @king808 god, known as Maxpayne Shawty 

I dropped my first song Hard 2 Kill, it can be found on all major platforms.

What you can expect from me as a rapper is that I’m going to make people feel me in every video, every song and every interview. I’m not going to stop until I’m at the top and they feel me.

Follow me on: IG @luhcoopfn, Facebook Luh CoopFn, Twitter @luhcoopfn

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