Tango Bio 2021

Ever listened to a song that sends emotional chills through your body, or heard an artist that paints pictures clearer than the midnight sky? 
Well, that Artist is Keith Maclin Jr! aka Tango!
Born in Cleveland Ohio, Tango moved to the southside of Atlanta, GA with his mother and sister while still in grade school. 
While living on the southside, Tango developed a sound that can attack like a beast, as well as soothe you to sleep! 
With his first time ever recoding being in 2016, Tango makes music that comes from his soul, and life experiences, music that pulses with the energy to raise ours!
Tango’s love for animals is apparent in the way he nurtures his dogs and Sharks! ( Yes, we said sharks! 
He breeds XXL Pitbull’s, and when he is not in the studio, he is a dedicated family man!
Being inspired by family, a love of nature, and the creative process, you can expect consistent gems from this Artist!  
Tango drops music steadily, so stay on the lookout for up and coming projects and visuals from this exciting new Talent!


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