Big Mama Cakesss Bio 2021

Schaericka Carpenter, professionally know as Big Mama Cakesss born in Jacksonville, FL raised in Jacksonville, FL and Baton Rouge, LA. I grew up singing in church choir and singing with my best friend Chyna. I went to Veterinarian School and did not take music seriously until I went to a Tory Lanez concert and met him, and he encouraged me to start taking my music more seriously.  I wrote my first song at age 21 “Toxic” and been doing music for five years.  I now find writing and singing my music very therapeutic.  My dad and my best friend Chyna were my inspiration and always very supportive of me and my music career. My musical inspirations are Drake, Nicki Minaj, Meg the Stallion, Lil’ Kim and Teyana Taylor.

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